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In New Video Series, Pennsylvanians Urge State Lawmakers to Pass Community Solar Legislation

Updated: May 24, 2021

Farmers, small business owners want the economic opportunity and bill savings community solar will bring to Pennsylvania

By: Anthony Campisi | May 7, 2021

A small business owner from Crawford County. A Franklin County man whose farm has been in his family for generations. And a landowner in Columbia County.

These three Pennsylvanians are just a small sample of the commonwealth residents who would benefit from the passage of community solar legislation currently pending in the state General Assembly. And they’re being featured in a series of new videos that highlight how community solar can help farmers earn income and keep their land and deliver billions of dollars in economic benefits to the Commonwealth.

These grassroots videos provide the personal perspectives of Pennsylvanians whose families, small businesses and communities would benefit from a new community solar program.

The community solar projects under consideration by legislators are small installations which would be capped at 5 megawatts (MW). They allow farmers to earn a stable, steady source of income by leasing their land to a community solar garden and help to maximize profit on underutilized farmland. Indeed, farmers are well-represented in the video series, and the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has endorsed community solar to support farmers and help keep farms in families for future generations.

Dennis Coons, a resident of Franklin County, speaks in his video about his generational family farm, noting his parents own a dairy farm in the county that they are hoping to “keep in the family.” Community solar is an opportunity for his family to earn income that could help support this goal, and he concludes by urging legislators to bring community solar to Pennsylvania now to support the economic recovery.

Steve Lynn, a Columbia County resident, notes that his approximately 40 acres of land are a good fit for a community solar project, explaining that participating in the program would help financially support his family as well as create revenue and jobs for his local township.

And Gail Tucci, a small business owner in Crawford County, states that leasing her land to a community solar project would provide a significant economic opportunity, especially because of the financial impacts of the pandemic. She also notes that the benefits would help her community by creating local construction jobs and bringing in revenue that will stimulate the economy.

These individuals are a sampling of the broad and overwhelming support from close to 80% of Pennsylvania voters who want legislators to take action and allow them the choice to participate in a community solar project.

The PA Community Solar Economic Alliance will be rolling out new videos featuring an array of Pennsylvanians who want to take advantage of the economic benefits community solar will offer and who urge legislators to take action to pass legislation enabling a program now.

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