Community solar can boost our economy—right now.

Hear From Pennsylvanians

Who Want

Community Solar Now!

Community solar 
(HB 1555 and SB 472) will:
  • Grow jobs across the commonwealth

  • Create a revenue stream for farmers 

  • Boost our economy without raising taxes

  • Provide energy choice and savings for consumers

Let Pennsylvania Shine!

Bipartisan community solar legislation in Harrisburg could provide an immediate boost to our economy. It would kick-start renewable energy projects that will create local jobs, pay farmers for hosting solar projects on their land, and save consumers money on their energy bills. 


Best of all? Community solar does not require any government funding, and there is no tax increase for Pennsylvanians.


Community solar arrangements connect people who want to use solar energy, but can’t install it where they live, to a local solar installation. 

HB 1555 and SB 472 will cut the red tape that is preventing these projects from being built and give people more energy choice; all while creating local jobs in a growing industry and providing needed economic opportunities to farmers and rural communities across the state.


Legislative leaders in Harrisburg need to hear that Pennsylvanians want community solar here and now! HB 1555 and SB 472 are awaiting votes to move ahead.